(Hon’ble Visitor)

It is, for me, an honour to be invited by the Arunachal University of Studies as its Visitor. I approach this task with a spirit of reverence and responsibility.

Every educational institution aspires to provide its students with skills and knowledge that will produce the finest scientists, engineers, doctors, writers, artists, administrators, teachers and scholars. But education should go beyond that. Education should teach us fearlessness, self-confidence and independence of thought. It should inculcate a sense of justice, a spirit of self-reliance, and a love and concern for nature. Universities must strive to provide students with an environment that will liberate the mind.

Arunachal University of Studies, though in its infancy, must set a standard of excellence to which all who follow might aspire. The faculty and students together should build a strong foundation so that their university becomes an enduring source of national pride and greatness. Many years from now, after the dust of centuries has passed over the rooftops of the university buildings, this institution must be remembered for the great deeds of its students, for their contribution to the human spirit, and for the gratitude they earned from their fellow men.

I look forward to being a part of this journey.

Akhil Bakshi