Master of Science (Agriculture-Soil Science)

Annual Fee : 60,000 (Per Annum)
Duration : 4 Semesters (2 Years)
NSQF Level : 8 To 9
Eligibility : B.Sc. (relevant) or eq.

Master of Science (Agriculture-Soil Science)

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Annual Fee : 60,000 (Per Annum)
Duration : 4 Semesters (2 Years)
NSQF Level : 8 To 9
Eligibility : B.Sc. (relevant) or eq.



* The title of the programme is approved u/s 22 of University Grants Commission (UGC) Act 1956.

M.Sc. (Agriculture-Soil Science) programme aims at providing knowledge about developing sustainable and manageable agricultural production strategies. The programme concentrates on soil significance and importance as well as sustainable resources. The broad area of study and examination help candidates to understand the soil structure, utilization of soil, its properties and soil management for benefits to humankind. Consistently expanding demands of soil for food production and soil debasement has prompt levels of popularity for specialists in the concerned regions. Water crisis, contamination, pollution and changing climatic conditions have made soil fundamental for its preservation.

Soil is a complex composite of minerals and organic matter that forms over the surface of the land. Soil scientists research and monitor the properties of soils, including their physical attributes, biological and chemical composition. Soil scientists use their findings to solve a wide range of soil management issues. They might, for example, determine the best crops to grow in a specific soil at a given place and time. Soil scientists might also work to replenish endangered ecosystems by finding ways to increase soil fertility. Soil scientists often work for different companies involved in analysis, agricultural research, construction, government agricultural departments, and research laboratories. A large number of soil scientists are self-employed consultants.

The programme gives trained and specialized personnel in agricultural sectors for productive land use and candidate have knowledge on all aspects of soil and features such as chemical, physical and biological properties. Those candidates seeking a career abroad can join research institutes, development agencies, and consultancy firms, non-governmental organizations, governmental or international authorities.

This Programme course is aimed at bringing out research on the applied and fundamental aspects of the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil; manures and fertilizers and their communication with soil and plant; improvement and support of soil fertility for maintained optimum agricultural production; utilization of organic residues (wastes) as manure; and soil test-crop response correlation studies and ecosystem for bacterial growth.

Soil stores water supplements for plants and provides protection for life forms. Soil helps in recycling of components for plant development and acts as filters for wastes. The soil is the support system for life existence and forms the crucial establishment for the survival of every living animal. Soil experts play a major role in conservation reasonable administration of soil resources.

The programme is intended to empower candidates to keep pace with recent developments in the concerned territories for present and future requirements. The subjects covered in the curriculum include soil formation, soil mineralogy, soil hydrology, soil ecology, soil genesis fertilizer use soil erosion, radioisotopes, soil conservation, crop studies and bio-fertilizers. The course equips candidates with a strong establishment in soil development and sustainable agricultural production. Training is granted in remote sensing of soils as well as soil water management

World Education Mission, New Delhi has announced the following scholarships for Master of Science (Agriculture-Soil Science) :

Prof. G. N. Pandey Science Scholarship for Master of Science (Agriculture-Soil Science) programme 2019-20.

Prof. G.N. Pandey Science Scholarship programme is dedicated to the students who wish to pursue Master of Science (Agriculture-Soil Science) after Graduation (Relevant) in Arunachal University of Studies as per the following :


CGPA 9 or 90% or above in Graduation (Relevant)

30% Scholarship in Tuition Fee


CGPA 8 or 80% or above in Graduation (Relevant)

25% Scholarship in Tuition Fee


CGPA 7 or 70% or above in Graduation (Relevant)

20% Scholarship in Tuition Fee


CGPA 6 or 60% or above in Graduation (Relevant)

15% Scholarship in Tuition Fee


The Candidates are required to submit duly filled application to the office of World Education Mission by July 15. The Merit list will be declared on July 31. The Candidate are required to maintain 80% attendance and 60% marks in the first year for continuation of Scholarship into the second year and/or so on.

Popular Career Options

  • Horticulture Consultant
  • Farm Manager
  • Plant Geneticist
  • Consulting Soil Scientist
  • Soil Conservation Technician
  • Conservation Planner
  • Landscape Planner
  • Land Management Contractor
  • Soil Technical Auditor
  • Food Production Personnel.
  • Soil Pedologist
  • Agronomists
  • Environmental Scientist



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Fee : 60,000 (Per Annum)
Duration : 4 Semesters (2 Years)
Eligibility : B.Sc. (relevant) or eq.
NSQF : 8 To 9

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