Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the principal apex governing body of the university, constituted u/s 20 of the Arunachal University of Studies Act, 2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012).
The present composition of Board of Governors, since September 25, 2018, till further notification, is as follows :

S.No. Name of Member Status Constitution Appointed u/s
1 Shri Kamal Lochan Chancellor Chairman 20(1) (a)
2 Prof. Krishan Gopal Educationist {Pro-Chancellor-Academic}
Member 20(1) (f)
3 Shri Vishva Lochan Nominated {Pro-Chancellor-Administration}
Member 20(1) (c)
4 Prof. V.K. Kawatra Vice-Chancellor Member 20(1) (b)
5 Shri Kaling Tayeng State Govt Representative
{Development Commissioner (Finance), Govt. of AP}
Member 20(1) (d)
6 Dr. Tayek Talom State Govt Representative, Eminent Educationalist , {Director (DHTE), Govt. of AP} Member 20(1) (e)
7 Shri. A.N. Sharma Nominated {Ex-Dy. Sec, UGC, New Delhi}
Member 20(1) (c)
8 Prof. (Dr.) Trilochan Singh Director (School of Distance Education) Member 20(1) (c)
9 Shri. Divyanshu Goel Registrar Secretary 20(1) (4)