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Teaching Methodology

Teacher is a misconstrued conception of the education system. A teacher is expected to teach the students but we believe in teachers who inspire the students. The teaching methodology we practice is one where we let the students put up questions rather than throttling them with the theory.  The University believes in empowering students that they could challenge the set theories of the world. We wish to develop leaders and not followers. The inquisitiveness of the student is satiated by the guidance of our expert faculty. We want them to stumble on the actual issues of the industry, yank out the solutions by themselves and that's where the industrial component comes into play. The ones who struggle find their ways with inspirations. Our approach to education compliments the teaching methodology we have adopted. The Faculty welcomes the queries brought forward by the novice students somewhat similar to what Einstein once said about himself: 

"I have no talent in particular. I am just merely extremely INQUISITIVE."

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