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The incorporation of our perceptions of having a world-class educational institute to cater to the needs of the students of the world, precisely those of India got its shape a bit more than 3 years back. Arunachal University of Studies has been brought to the nation with a concept, which was neglected in the educational sphere until now. The integration of education and vocational training and a window for students of varied economical, societal, and educational backgrounds to pursue their fields of interest has been the objective of this University. The sponsoring body of the University has experienced the value and essence of education all through its journey of social initiatives. The culmination of our vision and experience is this University and in front of you to judge. We have made a promise to ourselves and to the nation to develop the youth of the nation to drive it to the glory it deserves. The demographics of the country states the youth comprising to be around 3/4th of the total population and we desire to develop a fraction of the same into holistic, responsible human beings: body, mind, and soul. Arunachal Pradesh seemed to be the perfect neighborhood to commence our project. The wonderful, helpful people of Namsai, the administration and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh are worth a mention and we shall always be indebted to them for their contribution towards the University, towards the society, and towards the nation. The district of Namsai happens to be one of the most beautiful locales of the state and the sharing of knowledge cannot be any better than being in the lap of the nature. While the Himalayas guard the nation, the serene environs offer a freedom and that rush to fly to one's height of academic success. We welcome you to Arunachal Pradesh, to Arunachal University of Studies to live your dreams. Trust us, we shall always extend that hand of support whenever you need it.

Kamal Lochan Agarwal 
Arunachal University of Studies 
Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh


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