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Indian has achieved exponential growth in education – primary, secondary, tertiary including Agricultural Education, Engineering Education, Management, Hotel Management, and Information Security besides traditional subjects including arts, Humanities, Languages, Music and Fine Arts, Law etc. But what is required is excellence in global arena, global vibrancy to attract students from across the world for developing excellence through mutual association and cooperation with international communities from receiving side (students) and delivery side (faculty). At present, the entire world is concerned about capacity building of youth to join the main stream for sustainability and development through innovation with the support from e-learning, e-governance, utilization of global facilities for library, laboratories and computational facilities to ensure full employability and continuing education to keep their knowledge and skill updated to remain global competitive.

 The ARUNACHAL UNIVERSITY OF STUDIES, newly established in Arunachal Pradesh with vast natural resources will focus with full strength, commitment and drive for the advancement of education at all levels including art, Science, Languages, Commerce, Law, Management, Education, Music & Fine Arts and finally moving to engineering at B.tech, M.Tech and doctoral level, medical education with super speciality in nephrology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastrology etc. which are of great concern to Indian society with full of diversity.

The ARUNACHAL UNIVERSITY OF STUDIES will develop and drive for most meaningful cordial and purposeful cooperation across the world with the objective of bridging the gap between developed and developing countries so that limited resources available with us are fully utilized for global betterment for quality of life through education which is considered as key and most essential infrastructure today throughout the world with excellence and social equity as driving force.

Prof. G.N.Pandey
Post Doctoral Research Associate-ship (University of Michigan, USA),
Ph.D. (IIT, BHU), M.Tech (IIT, Khargpur), B.Sc(IIT, BHU)
Former VC, JRH University, U.P., Director IETE, Lucknow, Director Environment (U.P.),
Adjunct Prof. IIIT (Allahabad)

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